Jeremy Abbott is a developer at Shreveport development shop, Praeses, where he works as a project architect, developer, and recruiter. His development and architecture focus is on writing rich, extensible, and maintainable web applications. He’s passionate about software as a profession, and advocates for continuous learning and training.

When not writing code Jeremy is a vocal community leader and advocates for more visibility and inclusion for marginalized groups.

Functional programming is not always intuitive to developers coming from an object oriented background. With languages like JavaScript dominating the web, an understanding of functional paradigms has increased relevance. This talk covers F# as a hybrid functional/OOP language that brings the terseness of functional programming to the .NET framework. C# will often be brought in to compare and contrast how the same problem can be solved in both languages. F# concepts such as type inference, pattern matching, function composition, partial application and precomputation will be discussed.

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