Sean Grimes is a software developer with over 10 years of development experience across multiple platforms and technologies. Before coming to work at Praeses, he worked on everything from integrated library systems to online payment and court record systems for parish governments. Sean’s primary focus is on the .NET platform and the various web technologies that have been built around it. A Shreveport native, Sean has a BSc in Computer Science from LSU Shreveport and is a graduate of Airline High School.

There are many school programs in the Bossier/Caddo area for robotics. Joe will describe them and go over the technologies involved in each one.

Let’s be honest, manually testing code changes really sucks. When developing a new feature, you’ll often have to indirectly test each change over and over again through the UI. This is slow, tedious, and keeps the developer from doing more productive things with their time. Automated testing allows the developers to write repeatable tests directly against the code that can be run in a fraction of the time that manual tests can. This presentation will give a general overview of the fundamentals of unit and integration testing (both of these are specific types of automated tests) and show how xUnit makes it easy to write these types of tests.

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