This month there are two talks for the price of one. Jeremy will be covering F# Type Providers to continue where he left off with his popular F# introduction in November. Ryan will be highlighting some of the new features and improvements in the latest Octopus Deploy bits.

F# Type Providers

Use F# type providers to enhance productivity by not having to write the code common to data-driven application. We’ll look at two common data access problems, and how to solve them using F#.

About the Speaker

Jeremy Abbott is a developer at Shreveport development shop, Praeses, where he works as a project architect, developer, and recruiter. His development and architecture focus is on writing rich, extensible, and maintainable web applications. He’s passionate about software as a profession, and advocates for continuous learning and training.

When not writing code Jeremy is a vocal community leader and advocates for more visibility and inclusion for marginalized groups.

What’s New in Octopus Deploy 2.6

Octopus Deploy 2.6 brings new magic to our lives with deployment lifecycles, creating deployments automatically when a NuGet package is pushed, and some performance / workflow improvements.

About the Speaker

Ryan Rousseau is a developer at Praeses who works on many areas from system and feature design, continuous deployment, and sometimes even implementation. His recent focus has been API development, hypermedia, and updating the deployment process to take advantage of the new features in Octopus 2.6.

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