This month we have four lightning talks (10 - 15 minutes) on the following topics:

What’s new in Octopus Deploy 3

Octopus 3.0 launched earlier this year. We’ll cover some changes to the product and focus on some interesting new features.

Functional CI with FAKE and Paket

This is a whirlwind tour of the .NET build and package management tools favored by the F# community.

FAKE (F# Make) is a DSL for build tasks. Create your build process with the power of .NET and F#!

Paket is a cross platform dependency manager that works with NuGet, but also lets you reference files directly from GitHub repositories. Paket gives you fine grained control over the dependencies in your application.

Writing Live Code Analyzers with Roslyn

Learn how to write live code analyzers for Visual Studio 2015 powered by Roslyn. We’ll cover producing warnings in your code as you type, as well as providing automatic code fixes through the Visual Studio lightbulb prompt.

How to use Google Maps Javascript API

In this talk we will quickly go through some of things you can do with google maps on your website like making custom markers and how to give your map a custom theme.

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